Photographer, Matthew Eynon captures the Mods of Swansea

Words by Matthew Eynon

I'm a South Wales based geologist and some-time photographer. My general interests involve photographing people and society/subculture, focussed towards street/documentary photography and evolving this into photo-essays. This series of images is part of a documentary project on the Swansea Mods through candid and portrait work.

There is an established and growing mod scene in Swansea which has strong links to ska and skinhead culture. It’s argued that the definition of mod can be difficult to pin down, because "throughout the subculture's original era, it was prone to continuous reinvention. The word mod was an umbrella term that covered several distinct sub-scenes and is difficult to define because the subculture started out as a 'mysterious semi-secret world', which the Who’s manager summarised as clean living under difficult circumstances”.

The Swansea Mods are a vibrant, stylish and friendly bunch of women and men from all backgrounds; the social scene involves meets, ride-outs, gigs and weekenders.

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