An Unconditional Love

Photographer, Alex Ingram captures football fans’ passion and obsession for the beautiful game

Words by Alex Ingram

Football. It's as much a part of British culture as Afternoon Tea, Fish'n'Chips, Morris Dancing or the Queen's Speech. It's a part of our culture that's engraved into the bone, but when I first started this project I didn’t have a clue about it! I didn’t know who plays for who, what division a club is in and don’t even get me started with the offside rule as I still don’t fully understand. It’s an aspect of modern society that I just wasn’t a part of.

There’s no denying that football is a massive part of many people’s lives, a multi-million pound industry that has infiltrated into every aspect of British culture, and connects people from all manner of life. From lawyers to cleaners, students to pensioners. For a few hours every week your social status is revoked, and people unite to share in the pride and the passion of this incredible game.

The images aim to capture the passion and obsession that fans have for their team, and questions the impact it has on society. I’ve turned my lens away from the professional players, and instead focus on the real heart and soul of the sport: the fans.

This project is personal to me, and I see my images not just as a documentation of the fans emotions and reactions to the happenings on the pitch, but also as a means of me better understanding this culture that I’m not a part of, and in turn learning what causes this unconditional love for the game.

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