Photographer, Kamisalak captures women’s ‘real, raw and emotional beauty’ in a portrait series of ‘violent expression and extreme sexuality’

Words by Kamisalak

Fēmĭna is aware of who she is and what she represents.
Her skin is real, raw and scratched.
Her lips, dirty and worn out.
Her attitude, rude and rough, and her love, a pure struggle.
She is stable.
She is dark, and she has a quiet confidence that screams loud.
She loves and hates herself when she is vulnerable.
She is not afraid of being extreme or rad.
She is a savage, and she doesn't rely on anyone else.
She comes out of the world like a Nymph.
Her sexuality is sacred and her maternity is inviolable.
Her way of living is unapologetic.
Therefore she has never been a compromise but a contradiction.
She is the one who thinks up the storm and dreams up the mess.

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