“I am an artist and ‘dressing up’ is my art” – Olivier Richomme photographs Barry, a Manchester artist utilising clothing for self-expression

Words by Barry

"I am an artist and 'dressing up' is my art".

I feel this statement resonates with me. I see wearing clothes as moving pieces of sculpture. I love clothes, I love women's clothes, I love the way women look and I love 'dressing up'.

I consider myself as 'gender fluid'. Although I use this label, I feel labels can be restricting because some people are unwilling to look beyond the label.

It has taken me years to arrive at the point where I am accepting of my choice of self-expression. I feel self-expression in any form - be it music, art, fashion, conversation, play, etc. is an important part of the human psyche that needs to be EXPRESSED!

I would say I 'dress up' more than 50 percent of the time. I go to work dressed up, I go shopping dressed up & if I am going out 'on the town' then I put more effort in.

My favourite eras for clothes and fashion would be the 60's and 70's. It seemed like a very liberating time and I feel it is reflected in the fashion.

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