Growing Pains

Photographer, Sam Phillips documents fading relationships in a series of coming-of-age photographs

Words by Sam Phillips

Growing Pains is an ongoing project about the bittersweet angst that comes from looking at old photos of those who have come and gone throughout my youth. It captures the euphoria and naivety that my friends and I experienced before we started taking different paths into adulthood. We all became more independent and honest about the directions we wanted to take in our lives, the aftermath of which irreversibly changed our relationships with each other over the next few years.


Michael Morgan photographs UK amateur football in a series juxtaposing financial uncertainty with a love of the game

Words by Michael Morgan

Grassroots is an exploration of amateur football in the UK. In recent years many teams have folded and the practice is at risk of disappearing due to lack of funding, resulting in diminished opportunities for young boys and girls to have the chance to grow up playing football in their community, a way to escape the freight of cultural, political and social issues.

Grassroots football is a way to release energy and a place where you can feel you belong; a togetherness no matter what your background is, religion, creed, gender, sexuality. It’s a place where they can, in a world where teenagers are asked to grow up so quick, be themselves and be young even if it’s just for those 90 minutes on a football pitch.

This series depicts the struggles and the life of grassroots football and all what it means to those involved, who simply turn out week in week out for the love of the game.

Football is a privilege that everyone should be able to have in life.

The Automotive Life

Photographer, Aaron Leven documents car culture in Yorkshire

For the past year, photographer, Aaron Leven has been documenting the subculture of boy racers.

Photographed predominantly in Yorkshire, The Automotive Life captures the public spaces – including retail park car parks - where car groups meet up and take over the space for the night, exchanging the latest tips on car modifications, have rev-offs, do donuts, buy stickers and generally escape from the monotony of day-to-day working life.

The meets provide a social space for youths and bystanders alike to meet and become a part of a growing community.


Photographer, Jack Orton explores feelings of disconnection in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Words by Jack Orton

Fragmentary: consisting of small disconnected or incomplete parts.

Fragmentary is a series based around the new town of Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes is one of the most connected towns within the UK, with its grid system design and many roundabouts connecting the town ,allowing it to become ever expanding with new homes and businesses. However a feeling of disconnection can be felt throughout the town as it struggles to find its soul. The now nostalgic dreams encouraging Londoners to move to a more open and green environment is beginning to take the test of time. Something is always missing in Milton Keynes and this project aims to explore this disconnection.

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