TNT Skate Crew

Italian photographer, Giovanni Di Lorenzo (Massive Diary) photographs a community of male skaters riding and competing at a Senigallia skate park

The Field

James McCourt photographs a field in Oldpark, Belfast that’s become a temporary solace for the area’s motorbike-riding youth

Words by James McCourt

It’s Saturday morning. A squad of lads arrive with their motorbikes to race around the field.

Many of the residents of the area have moved across Belfast due to violence between Catholic and Protestants. Located next to the peace wall in Oldpark, these local teenagers gather in the area to race their motorbikes around the field. The Belfast city council are to commence work to uplift the housing estate, transforming the abandoned houses into family accommodation. With the transformation of this area these teenagers will lose their place of solace. A field that deters criminal activity and allows the youths an escape from reality. 

‘It’s only a matter of time mate. Don’t know where we are going to go like’.


Photographer, Olivier Richomme captures the seaside resort of Blackpool and its residents during the British summer

"Blackpool born and bred me."

Ted and Anne
"When we tell people we're staying at the Savoy they think we're dead posh but you should see it. Staff's nice though..."

"My brother runs a hotel on the prom. He's a millionaire. You know Blackpool is the only place Sinatra played twice in the same year?"

"Oh yeah take a picture of the crazy lady on a tricycle."

Jess and Liz
"I hope you're not getting the Poundland bag on there."

Alan and Linda
"We came here to watch the footie on the big screen at Ma Kelly's."

Ron, Norma and Sally
"Yeah you can take a picture of her she won't mind."

Daisy, Dora and Cecil

"I saw the Rolling Stones in 1973 at the Kings Hall in Manchester and it changed my life."

Dave and Teddy

"I'm from Glasgow, I'm no Page 3 mind."

Stow Horse Fair

Jacob King photographs the biannual gypsy horse fair in Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire

Dating as far back as the 15th century and occurring twice a year, the Stow Horse Fair has been one of the key meeting places for gypsies and the travelling community. They meet to discuss and arrange all manner of business, most importantly at Stow, the buying and selling of horses.

Over more recent years urbanisation has severely threatened the travelling way of life, and has seen numbers attending the horse fair dwindle. However many still do attend and will continue to do so.

These images aim to introduce ourselves to Britain's least known and least understood ethnic group.

Between Places

Matt MacPake photographs his new neighbours in a series documenting the transition from one town to another

Words by Matt MacPake

Photographing people in these images was an introduction to a new town and place for me. I had just relocated, following the end of a relationship. I had no connection to my new surroundings, and knew nobody. I decided to photograph the area and the people to get a feel for my new home, and to learn more about the place and the people. I wandered around for months talking to strangers and requesting portraits, trying to get a feel for the area. It's very easy to ignore the environment around you; people can stick to routine, visiting the same places at the same time; this project encouraged me to wander and approach people.

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Dean Davies
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