Peach Margin

Oleksandr Rupeta photographs homosexuality in conservative China

Words by Oleksandr Rupeta

“Homosexuality does not exist in China.” This is modern China’s stance on lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) identities. And yet when it does, national authorities turn a blind eye to their activities, so long as these are not reflected publicly.

Meanwhile, Chinese mythological stories and traditional folktales are full of same gender love plots. From the Rabbit Deity, the Daoist patron god of gay men, to famous Chinese legends such as the Butterfly Lovers, a tragic love story filled with homoerotic subtext.

However, despite the country’s conservative attitude toward homosexuality (today clinics in China continue to offer “conversion therapy” to LGBT people intended to alter their sexuality), younger generations are much more supportive of LGBT people, bridging the divide between China’s folktales of acceptance and politics of oppression.

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