Photographer, Matthew Eynon captures the Mods of Swansea

Non Fiction

Photographer, Joshua Bodgers documents friendship in a series of intimate portraits

Shelbourne Park

A film and photo-series by Paul Wheatley captures Shelbourne Park – Dublin’s last remaining Greyhound stadium

Eat Crow

Photographer, Gerhardt Coetzee captures moments of passion and escapism at Cape Town’s Tygerberg Raceway

See Naples and Die

Photographer, Sam Gregg captures the spirit and vibrancy of the people of Naples


Idan Simon photographs Israel’s male youth in a series exploring masculinity

A Rose Without Thorns

Photographer, Lewis Coombs explores identity and feelings of alienation from the fault lines of England’s North and South regions

An Archive of My Father’s Youth: 80’s and 90’s Football Culture

A zine by photographer and curator, Bethany Kane explores the violence and camaraderie of 80s and 90s football culture

Still Here, Still Conscious

Photographer, Mark Griffiths captures the harmonious beauty and tenderness of Wales’ historic land and its inhabitants

On Behalf Of The Revolution II

Sasha Chaika photographs artists, musicians and models in Moscow for Part II of her series spotlighting Russia’s new contemporaries

Cheyenne Sophia

Shot in New York between 2012-2014, Cheyenne Sophia’s high-sat, colour photographs depict intimate relationships with friends and former lovers


Backdropped by the city’s pastel colours, photographer, Richard Mensah captures the day-to-day of Marrakech’s male residents

As a publisher and Community Interest Company, TRIP is dedicated to showcasing unconventional stories that may otherwise be overlooked. We aim to give a platform to the unseen and a microphone to the ignored. Expression is a right and should not be confined to those that can afford to work for free; which is why we strive to support a diverse range of creatives in their work, commissioning exciting projects and creatives to visualize them.

Founded as a magazine in 2013 by photographer, Dean Davies, TRIP was born from a desire to provide opportunity and exposure for image-makers across multiple platforms and medias. With a focus on people and place, in 5 years TRIP gained a loyal readership, and became known for its honest image output and representation of the underrepresented, featuring over 800 image-makers from across the world through a website, 5 magazines and 3 free zines.

As TRIP C.I.C. we are not interested in profiting from the activities of the organization, and re-invest all income back in to consecutive publishing projects.

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