Norwegian photographer, Kristine Wathne photographs men she met online in a series exploring fashion, fascinations and fetishism

Words by Kristine Wathne

Mania involves fashion, fetishism & collectors. The project is driven by a fascination for subcultures and atypicality. It all started when I sort of gave up fashion photography. I have always been facinated by fashion shoots, styling and shooting models on location, but I hated to decide what someone else had to wear, and tell them what kind of look to give me whilst I was looking through my viewfinder.

After a while, I thought: "What if i could find or meet someone that already had the 'full package'? Someone that was out of the norm, styled by themselves and living in interesting homes?".
Then, after researching for atypical people online I met 4 people with their very own fascination. Mania shows these photo-documented meetings.

ROLF RESSEM (Pen Collector)
He shares his passion with over 400 like-minded people in a world wide pen-collectors club. Rolf Ressem has been collecting pens for the past 9 years, and to this date he has over 13.000 various pens stored in boxes and suitcases in his apartment. The most rare and valuable ones are kept in folders. Ressem has full control over his pens. I could hold up a random pen whilst hiding its logo and Ressem was able to recognize the pen by reciting which company the pen was from, and even its year of production.

A few years ago Ressem tried to beat the guinness world record. They counted pens for two days straight, but sadly he was only two pens away to beating the world record.

JAN ROGER ELSTAD (Cinderella-Man)
Jan Roger Elstad stores his wedding dress collection in his pink-painted basement. It all started when he came over a bunch of wedding dresses that were going to be thrown away. Elstad took care of them instead of seeing them being thrown in the trash. To this date he has over 400 dresses, from the era 1877-2015.

"I started collecting in 1991. I have always - even still - been wanting to do something that no other men I knew had done before, and simultaneously try to take care of the cultural treasure a wedding dress is."

“The most beautiful thing with a wedding dress is it's ability to transform a lady so enormously. She is not only a princess for a day. She is the queen."

EINAR B. GILBERG (The Powerlifter)
Einder B. Gilberg started working out to be able to beat his father, the kids that bullied him in elementary school and to get a chance on the ladies. Fueled by mexican stew, Gilberg’s speciality is powerlifting. Nude, he lifts 240 kilos. In a normal competition with clothing, Gilberg beat the norwegian record by lifting 320 kilos. His next goal is to beat the Norwegian record in squatting.

Arve Mølleviks passion for ultra tight jeans is outstanding. He’s been collecting tights for over 20 years and cultivated his fascination for 80’s clothing. Most of the trousers are ordered from German eBay and his favorite brands are Mustang and Levi’s. The skinline jeans are mostly unisex, and to this date Møllevik’s closet is filled with over 100 pairs. The wool sweaters are custom made in Scotland, and Møllevik designs them himself. But that doesn’t stop him from using them in the shower while shooting wetlook photos.

Møllevik works as an electrical teacher, and in his spare time he drives a big party bus from the 80’s, plays accordion and shoots wet-look photos. The pants are mostly worn at parties and festivals.

Shooting wet-look selfies or being a photographer himself gives Møllevik an adrenaline rush. During his shoots he even has a GoPro camera that shoots images continuously. Mølleviks passion for jeans and the complete 80’s style is unbeatable.

"Someone asked me if I slept while I wore my tight jeans. Then, I realised that I wasn't the crazy man."

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